ZT2021D 1/4 inch Air Hydraulic Riveter-W/Digital Module Features Features with the most advanced patented digital module to enable operators know the rivet tool setting capacity instantly under various air supply condition and the rivet setting cycles performed during their working period. It will also remind operators when to do service or maintenance to the tool in proper [...]

SS072 pulse Screwdriver(In Line Type)

ZDG-301L 5.5 inch Air Extension Die Grinder Super Power Air Tools 0.9HP and 1HP air grinders come with 1/4″( 6mm) or 3/8″ (8mm) double angle collets for industrial application.   Extension Die Grinder is designed for high speed grinding and polishing in hard-to-reach areas. Features an extended reach of 5.5″. By using 1/4″(6mm) or 1/8″(3mm) grinding accessories, the grinder [...]

Die Grinder / Angle Die Grinder

ZAG213B Air Angle Grinder

ZAG213B Air Angle Grinder

Vibration Reduced Air Saw / Roofing Cutter

ZS319K Air Body Saw Kit (Clam-Shell Composite Housing)

ZS319K Air Body Saw Kit (Clam-Shell Composite Housing) Features Designed with following patents to assure extreme low vibration and operator’s comfort. 1)Portable pneumatic tool assembled with module units in clam shell composite housing. 2)Suspension vibration-reducing means for portable pneumatic tools. Engineering plastic made clam-shell housing designed for easy service. Patented universal swivel air inlet joint [...]

ZD363B 360˚ Offset Industrial Angle Drill

ZD90L3A 90˚ Industrial Angle Drill

Angle Drill / Eraser

ZAD-356 3/8 inch Air Drill

ZAD-356 3/8 inch Air Drill In-Line Drill is designed for low speed/high torque applications, such as drilling, sanding, and polishing. Keyless chuck comes with both ZAD-356 and ZAD-376.

Spin-Spin Air Rivet Nut Tool

ZRN212 Composite Air Rivet Nut Tool-M12

ZRN212 Composite Air Rivet Nut Tool-M12 Clam Shell Composite Housing Features Designed with patented “Module units assembled in composite clam shell housing” for easy tool service. Ergonomic texture coated composite housing for operator’s comfort. Less friction loss along the air passage to increase tool power & performance. Module unit mechanism enables more common parts to be [...]

PN053 Pulse Wrench(Pistol Type)

ZPD323 120° Air Micro Grinder

ZIW3207JK-M 3/8 inch Micro Mini Air Impact Wrench Kit

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